Early Life and Struggles

Early Life and Struggles: I am Lawkesh Kumar Pandit, born in the village of Athmohan in the Eastern Champaran district of Bihar, India. I come from a humble background and have been no stranger to life’s challenges from a very young age. Nevertheless, I persevered and completed my education up to the 12th grade, all while acquiring various skills along the way.

Family and Current Location

Family and Current Location: My family, including my parents, siblings, and me, all share the same household. Presently, I call Mumbai my home, a city where I have resided for nearly a decade.

Skills and Work

Skills and Work: For approximately 12 years, I have been immersed in the realm of civil work, honing my expertise and learning various skills. My primary occupation at the moment is as a skilled tile fitter. However, my journey doesn’t stop here. I am also a writer, specializing in scripting for Bhojpuri films. For close to three years, I worked as an assistant writer in the Bhojpuri film industry, a journey that was fraught with challenges and rich experiences.

Rising Above Struggles

Rising Above Struggles: Through unwavering determination and hard work, my life has transitioned from one of economic hardship to that of a middle-class family.

Wandering into Contributing to a Blog

Wandering into Contributing to a Blog: My endeavor into the computerized world was started by the mission for extra-pay sources. I delved into the realms of online learning and discovered various avenues, such as blogging, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and website development. Over the past two to three months, I have been actively learning, improving, and advancing my blogging skills.

Future Aspirations

Future Aspirations: Blogging is not just a source of income for me; it’s a passion. My ultimate goal is to build a substantial team comprising 50 to 100 individuals who can collaborate and work together, thereby creating employment opportunities. Achieving this dream requires constant learning, mastering new skills, and unwavering commitment.

Personal Philosophy and Interests

Personal Philosophy and Interests: My approach to life is rooted in minimal error and growth through the lessons of others. I place a strong emphasis on health, choosing foods that nourish my body. Physical activities such as running, swimming, football, Kabaddi, yoga, and meditation are integral to my daily routine. I have a profound appreciation for nature and diligently care for my physical and mental well-being. My connections with others are set apart by regard and concordance, and I continuously intend to try not to cause uneasiness.

Embracing Growth

Embracing Growth: Through my blog, I aim to inspire and educate, ultimately becoming a better version of myself.

Join me on this journey of self-improvement and shared growth.

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